Intentional Christianity is a reordering of our life around the mission of Christ. It has little to do about buildings and programs and much to do about the Kingdom. It is a selfless way to live; a simpler way to live.

So much of modern Christianity is about what Abba can do for us. We laud the fact that Jesus paid the price for the good life, but we fail to see that the victory won is for the simple purpose of showing Jesus to those who do not know Him.

We get saved, we fill a pew and we sit. We sit to be entertained. We sit our children in children services to be entertained. We look for the latest message to be entertained. We find the best building with a great foyer and coffee shop and we are entertained.

We invite our friends to the show to be entertained. We sit and we sit until one day we lie down and they put us in our earthly incubator; waiting for the resurrection of the just. We had a lot of fun, but we made little impact for the Gospel.

But what if our faith transformed to “what we can do for Jesus”? What if we went from sitting to moving in faith?

What if Jesus was the most important person in your life? What if every day you woke up with the purpose of making Him known? What if being the church was equal to being family? What if we looked for the supernatural to guide us in our lives and show up as a witness to the lost?

I am on a journey. I want to know Jesus. I want to serve Jesus. I am willing to put aside my own wants and desires to go after His plans purposes and pursuits. I plan to be intentional.

How do I plan to be intentional? By putting away distraction and focusing on my personal relationship with my personal Lord and Savior. First I seek Him. Then I hear what Jesus has to say about my life, the ministry He has entrusted to me, and the steps to fulfill His will in my life and in the sphere of influence He has given to me.

I can’t move until I hear. That’s how Jesus lived and it must be how I live.img_2d9f2398af43-1

I am at the crux of my life’s journey. Do I still want to fulfill my own dreams or am I willing to go after His dream for the Earth?

I believe this is a question every person must ask themselves. Abba is doing something special in the Earth. He is birthing a new breed of Christian; some call it a Jesus People. I agree.

I believe this people are born of both dissatisfaction and longing. We are dissatisfied with normal mega church Christianity and bless me Christianity and we long for the real Jesus and a real relationship with our Savior.

Prophetically speaking, I believe this Jesus People will both tear down and build up. Old expectations of coming to church to hear a good song and a good word while never changing our daily lives or thrust will be destroyed under the weight of the glory.

Once the walls that hemmed in the church are broken down, Abba will display Jesus in this people in ways that are both wonderful and utterly confusing to the old order.

Already Abba is moving in various places in the U.S. that are outside of the normal confines of big name Christianity. Revival fires are burning. You have just been looking in the wrong places maybe.

Abba doesn’t need a fancy orator, million dollar buildings and jets to revive His people. He simply needs a willing vessel. He needs a vessel that is intentional in his or her pursuit of Jesus and zealous of fulfilling His great commission in the Earth.

Are you, am I that vessel?

Shane Creech